Improving Property Management Care On A Vacant Second Home

Property management companies are most well-known for their ability to collect rent and act as landlords on behalf of an owner. These duties, while most common, are not the only ones property managers may perform. Those who vacate second homes or vacation properties for several off-season months, for example, may hire a property management company to check up on things and institute necessary care when needed. To get the most out of this arrangement, it is best to make certain specific requests of the property management company. Read More 

Need a New Home? Why a Condominium Is the Way to Go

If you're in the market for a new home, you have a number of options to choose from. Single-family and town homes are two popular options, but there's one option that may be an even better choice: a condominium.  A condo is a single unit in a multi-unit structure, and although it may seem the equivalent of an apartment, a condo has a number of significant advantages. Learning more about the benefits of buying a condo can help you see why it's the right choice for you. Read More