Tips On Negotiating A Higher Tenant Improvement Allowance

If you are looking into leasing a commercial office, but the space does not exactly fit what you had in mind, you can ask for a tenant improvement allowance. This will allow you to improve the space with money from the owner, enhancing things like flooring, paint colors and window dressings. However, most renters don't realize that they can negotiate the amount of the tenant improvement allowance. Here are some tips to get the most money possible when it comes to a tenant improvement allowance. Read More 

Things To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Are you thinking about selling your house? Do you want to make sure that your house sells as quickly as possible? Selling a house isn't very difficult, but there are still things that you need to remember to do so that your house sells as quickly as possible. Before you talk to a real estate agent (like those at Re/Max River & Sea) about listing your home for sale, here are some things that you should take care of: Read More 

How To Stage Homes For Sale With The Help Of An Estate Liquidator

Whether you are a real estate agent or private individual, if you are faced with selling the home of a client, friend, or family member, the task can be nearly overwhelming. This is even more overwhelming when the home has been lived in by the same individuals for many years. A lifetime of memories is difficult to sort through, pack and move, or discard. If you or the home occupant are having trouble getting the home cleaned up and prepared for showings to potential buyers, you may find the services of an estate liquidation service to be invaluable. Read More 

A Home With A View Of The Water: 2 Locations For Manhattan Commuters

If you work in Manhattan and would like a home with a water view, then you're in luck. You can find real estate in the area outside of the city with very beautiful water views and also lots of room for you and your family. Manhattan is nice, but unless you are ultra-rich, you won't be able to get a large living space. However, you can find a house just outside of the city or in a neighboring borough. Read More 

5 Tips For House Hunting With Children

If you and your spouse are looking for a new home to settle your family in, it's important that you know what to do to make it successful. After all, many tasks with children are much more difficult to accomplish. Here are five tips for house hunting with children to consider: Hire a Family-Friendly Agent: Hiring a real estate agent when house hunting is always a good idea because they can bring you to all the right houses that meet your needs. Read More