Improving Property Management Care On A Vacant Second Home

Property management companies are most well-known for their ability to collect rent and act as landlords on behalf of an owner. These duties, while most common, are not the only ones property managers may perform. Those who vacate second homes or vacation properties for several off-season months, for example, may hire a property management company to check up on things and institute necessary care when needed. To get the most out of this arrangement, it is best to make certain specific requests of the property management company.

Request a Video of a Walk-Through

In order to uncover any problems that may arise in the vacant property, a representative will perform a walk-through at specified intervals. To feel most confident about the condition of the property, leave a video camera at the premises and ask the representative to record the walk-through. Request the recorded videos be placed in a file sharing and hosting service account for easy remote access. Although the verbal or written report is sure to be accurate, the video leaves no worries since the recorded images complete the tale.

Make Suggestions for Specific Areas of Concern

Each home is different and each has its own unique concerns. A home with a crawlspace, for example, could have serious problems with pests or vermin. Asking the person performing the property check to look for any signs the crawlspace covering has been displaced or chewed through could reveal a raccoon or possum has made the crawlspace its home. Asking the representative to look for dampness on the floors of a bathroom or under a sink could uncover a slight plumbing leak. Suggesting an attic be checked for mold growth on the walls after exceptionally humid weather would also be wise.

Deliver a List of Preferred Service Professionals

While the property management company surely has contractors and repair professionals it uses, homeowners probably are going to be more comfortable with people they have worked with in the past. Think very carefully about all services the home may need. Then, compile a list of preferred service companies prior to turning oversight of the home to the property management service. Everyone from cement contractors to snow shoveling crews should be on the list. Have an agreement in place with the property management firm stating service professionals must call and speak with the property owner before any work commences. This way, no confusion or disagreement results.