Tips For Using Renovations To Sell A Home

Many people wonder whether they need to renovate their homes before listing the properties for sale. Renovating properties for sale may work, depending on how you handle them. The following tips will help you renovate your home and benefit from the renovations during the sale.

Choose Your Renovations Carefully

Carefully assess your home and choose renovations that will help you sell your house fast or increase its value. Consider these factors to help you choose renovations to focus on.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market determines how much you can get for your home and how fast you can sell it. You might need to make more renovations in a buyers' market than you would need to do in a sellers' market. A buyers' market means you must go all out to attract prospective homebuyers due to the numerous homes on the market.


Don't renovate your home so much that it looks out of place in the neighborhood. Otherwise, you might have to increase your home's price and price it out of the neighborhood. For example, few buyers will want to buy a million-dollar home in a neighborhood where home prices average $300,000. You can make the home moderately better than nearby homes.

Return on Investment

Some renovations increase your home's value more than others. For example, bathroom and kitchen upgrades typically have a higher return on investment (ROI) than other rooms. Focus on rooms with high ROI if you want to see the renovation's impact on your selling price.


Renovations cost money, so consider the amount you have at hand. Don't start something you cannot finish before selling the home. For example, don't tear off roof sections if you lack the money to replace them. Work with a contractor to budget for the renovations and undertake the ones you can afford. Use DIY tasks to trim the budget.

Document the Renovations

Once you commission the renovations, document them to help you sell the house, recoup your investments, and possibly increase your selling price. Below are some tips for the documentation:

  • Take photographs before and after the changes
  • Record the professionals who do the work
  • Update the blueprints

Documentation will help you prove that a professional handled the renovations, the renovations were worth it, and that the renovations are code compliant. The documentation means prospective buyers have no reason to doubt your claims.

Hopefully, these tips will help you maximize your home's selling price. Involve a realtor in the process so they can use their professional experience to help you in the home selling process.