Looking At Condos? 3 Things To Prioritize In Your Condo Over Sharing With Others

Buying a single-family home is a lot different than a condo because while you may own everything with a house, you are going to get amenities and features to share as a condo owner. While you may look forward to owning a condo and using a gym, hot tub, and pool that you share with others, you should also think about the private features that you can get with your purchase.

Outdoor Space

Some condos may not have an outdoor space in a patio or balcony, which means that a resident's main way to get fresh air is to step outside and spend time at one of the outdoor amenities. This can come in the form of a pool area, grill space, rooftop deck, or sports court. If you want to enjoy an outdoor space in private, you should make sure that the condo that you buy comes with one.

When you are also determined to enjoy being outside in complete privacy, you should prioritize condos with a covered patio or balcony and one that has a solid wall or railing to block vision.


While you may have lived in places with shared laundry facilities without experiencing any major problems, you should not hesitate to demand your own laundry hookups in a condo. Even if you were to find a condo with shared laundry facilities on the same floor, you may appreciate the ability to do laundry loads at any time and without having to get dressed and step outside.

Also, when shared laundry facilities require you to use a debit card, credit card, or quarters, you may not want to do any small loads because you may not get much value for your money. Owning your own washer and dryer means that you can do small loads without this particular concern.


When you check out enough condos, you may find some in which you get a private storage locker that you own and get to use alongside others. Although you may not mind walking to the locker to put away items or pick something up, you may prefer getting more storage in your condo.

Demanding more cabinets, larger cabinets, and higher square footage in general will give you more space that you can dedicate to storage alone. This will give you private and climate-controlled storage where you may feel better about storing valuable and sentimental items.

Although you may be more than comfortable with sharing certain things in a condo, you may want to prioritize several private features to maximize your satisfaction.

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