5 Easy Tricks To Prepping Your Home To Sell This Winter

Selling a house requires a balance of strategic pricing, thoughtful staging, and pumped up curb appeal, particularly in the winter. While you have to work a little harder for these things in the winter, it is attainable. Try this tricks to make the process a little easier.

1. Get Out There and Shovel.

Winter weather is unpleasant wherever you live, but northern climates have extra responsibilities when trying to sell their home during the colder months. Sellers need to be fastidious about shoveling. Obviously, you don't want potential buyers and their agents slipping and falling on your front walk, but it is more than that. A clean, shoveled driveway and walk show s that you take care of your property, which is what you want a buyer to think about your home.

2. Leave the Lights On.

Most of us have been told by our parents since we were old enough to reach the light switch that we need to turn the lights off when we exit a room. It saves electricity. When you are selling your house, particularly in the gloomier winter months, leave the all the lights on. While it will result in a higher electric bill, it will present your home to buyers in the best possible light. It helps to set the mood and makes everything cheerier.

3. Don't Turn the Heat Down.

Again, in an attempt to save energy, many people use programmable thermostats to lower the temperature when they are at work. Turn this feature off when your home is for sale or find a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature remotely. You don't want a chilly house when potential buyers arrive for a showing. You want the rooms to be comfortable so the buyers linger longer.

4. Take Down the Decorations.

If you celebrated the holidays, take down the decorations. This is not the year to wait until February. Buyers need to 'see' your house and they can't do that with month-old mistletoe hanging from the doorway all sad and lonely. Think of it as getting your first few boxes packed for the big move.

5. De-Clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.

If you haven't taken the time to de-clutter already, do it now. Just like your holiday decorations, buyers need a neutral space to be able to visualize their things in the space. Tchotchkes, wedding photos, and kids' drawings, while endearing to you, are distracting to them.

Selling your home in the winter has its extra challenges, but it is definitely doable. Making everything safe, comfortable, and neutral for buyers helps greatly.