Homes For Sale On Disney Property: Should You Buy?

The Disney company owns more property than it knows what to do with. In fact, it recently expanded its property holdings to include properties from around the world so that guests could go anywhere and stay anywhere for a vacation. Additionally, they have built several vacation homes for sale. Should you or would you buy such a property? Here are some pros and cons.


You can actually say that you own something this company formerly owned. Since this company owns so many things associated with fond memories and luxury, it is akin to putting a feather in your personal luxury cap. Many of the properties for sale are even listed as "luxury properties," since they are sizable homes on large pieces of land. In some instances, the company will even throw in lifetime memberships to their parks if you buy one of these properties.

Additionally, you can live someplace warm, someplace exotic, someplace romantic, or all of the above. You can choose to rent-to-own, buy the property outright, or timeshare the place with family members. There are multiple ownership options. When and if you choose to sell this property, you can command a big price for it.


If you imagine dollar signs when you hear this company's name, you are right. Luxury homes sold on property formerly belonging to this company come with a big expense. If you have that kind of money to spend, you might want to consider investing it in even larger homes that are not located on property owned by the aforementioned company.

You can get more home and more property for your dollar when it does not have a company brand or name attached to it. You can even buy property that abuts the property owned by this company. There are also several quid pro quos attached to selling this name-brand property and the house when and if you choose to sell.

Get a Gander at the Contract

Before you agree to buy such a luxury property, ask to see the contract. You will want to know exactly what you are buying and what you are buying into if you purchase a property from this company. That holds true of any company that deals in its own real-estate holdings and sales. You may or may not like the details and fine print, which will help you decide what to do next.

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