Things You Should Hide When Showing Your Home

When you are trying to sell your home, honesty is the best policy in nearly all situations. You certainly want to be forthright and up front with your real estate agent who knows all the legal requirements of selling a home. When it comes to showing your home, however, you don't have to show potential buyers the normal contents of your home. Your personal life is none of anyone's business. Here are things you should definitely hide when showing your home.

Hide Your Pets

As any honest real estate agent will tell you, pets are among the most common reasons that homes really stink. You may become a bit blinded by your pet affinity and so used to the smell that you don't notice how stinky your beloved canine or feline companion can be. In addition to asking for an objective opinion and cleaning thoroughly to get rid of pet smells, you should physically hide your pets when you show your home. If you have friends or family members where your pets can stay during the home selling process, that's ideal. Otherwise, see who can keep your pets for a few hours every time you need to show your home.

Hide Your Valuables

While you may think that having a lot of nice things can make your house look more appealing to potential buyers, it is actually not safe to display a lot of valuables when you're showing your home. If you have valuables that you cannot remove from the home entirely, store them in a safe. If possible, remove all your valuable possessions from the house altogether when showing it to strangers.

Hide All Weapons

Although you may love your guns and be proud of how you display your collection, you could horrify potential home buyers with them. Other weapons can also repulse buyers. They may feel uneasy and unsafe in the room with them, and that may give them an instantly negative feeling about the home. There's also the consideration that having guns around the home is not safe for kids who may visit as well as others who may walk in. Potential buyers are not screened before an open house, so think of safety first.

Finally, keep in mind that you don't owe anyone an explanation for what you choose to reveal or hide in the process of showing a home. It can feel invasive to show off a home you still live in, so you should never feel guilty for hiding your hobbies and other aspects of your life. Your privacy is important, and it deserves to be protected.