How To Stage Homes For Sale With The Help Of An Estate Liquidator

Whether you are a real estate agent or private individual, if you are faced with selling the home of a client, friend, or family member, the task can be nearly overwhelming. This is even more overwhelming when the home has been lived in by the same individuals for many years. A lifetime of memories is difficult to sort through, pack and move, or discard. If you or the home occupant are having trouble getting the home cleaned up and prepared for showings to potential buyers, you may find the services of an estate liquidation service to be invaluable.

Home Staging

It is not enough to keep a home clean and free of unnecessary clutter before it is listed for sale and while it is on the market. With the abundance of homes for sale on the market, buyers no longer have to imagine what a home would look like after they move in. A home must be staged properly to show buyers what the place looks like at its very best. A survey done in 2015 by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed between a 1% to 10% increase in a home's final selling price for homes that were nicely staged during showings. An estate liquidator can come into a home, remove unnecessary belongings, move extra items to storage, and help stage the home with what is left. 

Home Moving

Very few people look forward to packing up everything they own and dragging it to a new home. While an estate liquidator can't handle this chore for a homeowner, this service can help lighten the load. The occupants of the home simply need to separate the belongings they want to keep, and the items they don't need anymore. The estate liquidator will pack up the unwanted items, and use their resources and network to sell these unwanted possessions at the highest price possible. 

Extra Cash 

Selling a home and moving to new digs is not exactly cheap. If a seller has to pay cash at closing to get out of the home, or they have to come up with cash to pay moving expenses, the seller may not have a lot of liquid assets available. Few people have time in the middle of the frenzy of moving to have a yard sale, sell things at auctions or list things for sale online. Even fewer people have the patience for this type of activity. This is another area where a competent estate liquidator can help out by selling off unwanted items at an off-site location. This will give the seller funds to move and get set up in a new home.