A Home With A View Of The Water: 2 Locations For Manhattan Commuters

If you work in Manhattan and would like a home with a water view, then you're in luck. You can find real estate in the area outside of the city with very beautiful water views and also lots of room for you and your family. Manhattan is nice, but unless you are ultra-rich, you won't be able to get a large living space. However, you can find a house just outside of the city or in a neighboring borough. Here are two locations to investigate.

Riverdale, The Bronx

Riverdale is located in the Bronx. This is a borough just north of Manhattan. Riverdale is a neighborhood in the northwest section of the Bronx. It is considered to be the ritziest and nicest area, with the most expensive homes (particularly the Fieldston section), excellent schools, and beautiful parks (including the famous Wave Hill). It also overlooks the Hudson River. You can find houses or apartments that afford you an amazing view of the Hudson River.

While areas such as Fieldston are super-exclusive and do have mansions and beautiful grounds, they are located in the interior of Riverdale, so you won't get a water view. You should focus your search west of the Henry Hudson parkway and west of Riverdale Ave for that. A great street to look at is Palisades Ave. It runs from Riverdale Park all the way north to Mount St. Vincent College. It sits right at the edge of Riverdale and directly overlooks the water. There are also some beautiful high-rise co-op developments that, because they are so tall, allow you to see the river even though they are not situated right at the edge of the neighborhood.

It's super easy to get into Manhattan from Riverdale. You can drive your car down the West Side Highway, which you connect to by getting onto the Henry Hudson Parkway, which runs through the heart of Riverdale. You can also take Metro North right into Grand Central, take an Express bus to the East Side of Manhattan, or walk down to the subway on Broadway and 238th street and head down the West Side of Manhattan.

Mamaroneck, Westchester

Mamaroneck is located in eastern Westchester. It's a nice, small town that has a very laid-back feel. It's located right next to the Long Island Sound. If you're looking for more of a suburb feel, then you will love Mamaroneck. It's got golf courses, country clubs, leafy tree-covered lanes, and not much commerce. There are small cafés and tiny retail stores, but most of the commerce is found outside of the town in the larger, more populated areas of Westchester such as New Rochelle and White Plains.

There are low rise co-op apartment buildings, but mostly what you will find are single-family homes. The area is also home to a beautiful park called Harbour Island. This park has fishing, beaches, tennis, boating, and also nice picnic spots for people who want to relax and look at the water.

To get into Manhattan, you can either drive in via I-95 or you can take Metro North into Grand Central.