3 Unusual Buildings You Can Turn Into A Home

Do you want a home that is as unique and interesting as you are? Forget searching for a traditional house. You can find something amazing when you think outside the box and look at real estate with new eyes. Here are some buildings that make excellent homes. 

Turn a Church Bell Into a Door Bell

Churches are some of the most beautiful buildings standing, so why not buy one and turn it into your home? Most churches offer one large room for family life, a large kitchen, and several smaller rooms. When converting a church into a home, keep these things in mind. 

  • Protect the windows. Any stained glass is going to be a featured artistic piece in your home. Learn how to take care of this treasure. 
  • Use furniture. Old pews, pedestals and even baptismal fonts are amazing. If you get lucky enough to find a church with those types of items, use them in any way you can. Church pews are great dining room tables, and lots of church furniture can be turned into bookcases, desks, or display tables. 
  • Celebrate the history. Do some research and find out the church's story. Then collect items that remind you of the time period when the church was built or of significant events that happened there. 

Raise Your Kids in a Barn

The rustic charm of a barn makes a terrific home. Some barns have already been converted into living spaces, and some you'll have to do yourself. Try these ideas. 

  • Keep the outside of the barn as original as possible. You want it to look like a barn, not a house. 
  • Use exposed wood inside to keep it rustic and reminiscent of farm life. 
  • Make bathroom doors look like horse stalls and closets look like tack rooms as a way of adding frivolity and fun to your home. 

Make a Warehouse Into Your House

Wide open industrial spaces make incredible places to live. Some warehouses will even have offices and catwalks that fit perfectly into the idea of a residence. Here are some more tips. 

  • Use metal light fixtures and chrome appliances for an industrial look. 
  • Keep the space as open as you can, treating it like a giant studio apartment if possible. 
  • Oversized, heavy furniture will be perfectly proportional for your warehouse home. 

These are just a few unusual ideas for homes that will get your imagination whirling and bring out your inner interior decorator. Get creative, and you will have the coolest home of anyone you know.